Healthy and gourmet French breakfast

At Manoir de la Manantie, I make it a point of honor that guests eat well and locally as much as possible.

In the morning, you descend the precious volcanic stone steps to head towards the breakfast room or the garden (depending on the weather)

Breakfast time should be an experience on its own. Beautiful, tasty, captivating. Like a treasure, served in pretty delicate crockery and with silver cutlery, it is prepared by me with love.

Depending on the morning, you will find the classic pastries, generous slices of fresh bread from the village bakery supplemented with homemade jams and honey from the garden, beautiful cakes or pancakes, but also healthy preparations such as delicious granolas or chia puddings homemade. Dairy products, cheeses and local fruit juices complete the offer, which changes every day.

And if you have specific dietary constraints, do not hesitate to let me know as soon as you make your reservation so that I can adapt to them as best as possible.

A real warm moment of sharing and comfort to start the day.

My favorite mixes for jams?

Raspberry-blackcurrant, green tomato with vanilla, rhubarb-ginger, mirabelle plum-rosemary or strawberry-elderflower, the choice is yours!

The delicious hot cakes that change every day :

Gingerbread, lemon cake, brioche with pralines, puffy muffins...

For hot drinks:

Pagès regional tea and coffee from the Chazal house served in a slow coffee press coffee maker.