English romantic park

The property of the second empire, has a vast park of more than 1 hectare in the heart of Lezoux. Here is its story during its creation.

This green setting has different spaces: a paddock planted with lime trees, collections of trees at the edge of the pond, a path of cedars and large lawns offering beautiful perspectives.

When it was created, the park was planted with rare botanical species. The end of the second empire was marked by the fact of seeking rarity in essences and of differentiating from local essences. Thus Gingko biloba, soap trees, Judas trees rub shoulders with old yews and chestnut trees. The park was then planted with fast-growing trees providing high density (sophora, acacias, conifers).

We continued planting with a yew hedge in front of the house to give back its character to the grid. A Magnolia grandiflora as well as many roses have been set up. Finally we completed the vegetable garden with many fruit trees.

At the back of the park, a vegetable garden allows us to offer our guests herbal teas, jams and liqueurs made with fruits, flowers and aromatic plants from the garden. For snacks or a gourmet breakfast in the morning, it is a treat for guests.

The latest arrivals in the vegetable garden are our bees who offer us honey for the morning.

From the sunny area to the shade of the lime trees, the park with its varied atmospheres will satisfy you for your moments of relaxation in the green, for your seminar breaks, for photo shoots or for your outdoor receptions.