Romantic garden with pound

 Here is the story over the creation of one acre garden from the 19th century. Romantic inspiration.

This green setting has different spaces : a paddock filled with Lime, collections of trees at the edge of the pound, cedars and large lawns with beautiful outlook.

At its inception, the park was planted with rare botanical species. The end of the Second Empire was marked by the endeavor rarity and differentiate local species. And Gingko biloba, Koelreuteria paniculata, Cercis siliquastrum alongside ancient yews and chestnut trees. The park was then planted with fast-growing trees making a significant density (pagoda tree, acacia trees, conifers).

At the back of the park, vegetable garden allows us to provide our guests with herbal teas, jams and liqueurs made up with fruits, flowers and herbs from the garden.

From the sunny area in the shade of linden trees, the park with its varied environments, will please you for your moments of relaxation in green, for your seminars breaks, for photo shoots or for entertaining outdoors.