Press review of Manoir de la Manantie

You will find below a non-exhaustive review of press releases talking about our manor.

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The Manoir de la Manantie - Spring 2015 Magazine Massif Central, heading Lifestyle / guesthouse.

"Full tranquility in the heart of Lezoux, it has a double face. a majestic courtyard façade a natural class, perhaps a little cold, and behind that first impression is hiding a warm heart, bathed in lights, which opens onto a vast English park. A charm is the country to the city ... "

On the way to the Aubrac - Smaak 72 Magazine April-May-Jun 2015

On the road to the Aubrac, journalists found in Lezoux a quiet and friendly B & B.The wines of Auvergne we offer the card during dinner at the Manor were appreciated, as well as water Chateldon already known to the court of Louis XIV.